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    Bulldog Steel takes pride on being able to deliver custom production orders within 2 days.

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    From top to bottom, all the materials you need to complete your metal building project in one place.

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A Builder's Best Friend!

In 2016, our sister company, Metal Solutions, a design and construction firm, was struggling to find the quality materials it required in the timeline needed to meet client expectations. Though a number of great metal providers in the area, the team could not find one that met its quality and delivery expectations. Thus, Bulldog Steel was born. As a steel manufacturing business, Bulldog Steel prides itself on its ability to deliver high quality steel for contractors and retail customers quickly. Bulldog Steel's customers value the emphasis on quality and delivery, ensuring the longevity and timely completion of their construction projects. Though steel is our deal, it is our mission to go above and beyond providing you the products you need to make your projects successful. Leaning on our history in design and construction, we strive to equip you with expertise you need, whether that is through our DIY resource library or a referral to a local contractor. We can't wait to see what you make.